For CEMBRE, sustainability is not just a concept, but is becoming a key element of its day-to-day operations so that it can successfully face new challenges and implement its business model alongside its stakeholders.

A model that puts innovation and circularity at the centre, developing a virtuous synergy between values, the economy and productive development.


A constant dialogue with stakeholders on the theme of sustainability has always accompanied the company on its path of growth and development, ensuring its success in Italy and worldwide.

It is precisely our relationship with stakeholders, together with the attention we pay to the surrounding social context, that has contributed to the emergence of new ideas, projects, and products that are increasingly innovative and competitive.

The corporate culture is inspired by the ethical principles of legality, honesty, transparency, impartiality, and respect, which are also firmly part of the Group's Code of Ethics.

Through these principles, CEMBRE is taking a serious and accountable approach to the transitional phase in which contemporary society finds itself. Technological acceleration, climate change, and the centrality of people and their needs are the crucial factors at this point in history. 

On a practical level, this translates into:

  • constant research and technological innovation in product development and production technologies, and attention to the quality and reliability of products.
  • a commitment to consciously reducing anything that may have a negative impact on the environment and society
  • positive actions in support of the social fabric in which the company is embedded.

In 2020 CEMBRE affirmed its commitment to developing major projects and initiatives to support local communities in priority areas: respect for the environment, support, and protection of the most vulnerable, along with the development of education, training, art, culture, and sport.

Everyone at CEMBRE shares the core values that have always driven the company's work. These values are the reference points for the company’s policy, guiding and inspiring its decisions and activities out of respect for all its stakeholders. 

CEMBRE’s values

Every day at CEMBRE we work with the awareness that industrial development must be respectful, and consider the environment and safety.

Protecting the environment, both the people and things around us is a constant and urgent commitment.

It is a conscious choice and one which places confidence in the future.


An orientation towards technological innovation, quality, and product reliability, with a flexible structure capable of anticipating market developments and interpreting new requirements in the best possible way.

Staff development

Employees are an integral part of the company and, recognized in this light, are an incomparable source of value.

CEMBRE guarantees equal opportunities for professional and human growth, based on merit and professional and managerial skills. Each employee takes an active part in the company's improvement processes. 


Working with respect for personal dignity, privacy, and personal rights, without discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, nationality, culture, religion, or race, makes the working environment at CEMBRE calm and well-balanced.

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