The Internet site (site) and its content are the property of Cembre S.p.A. (the Company).

Its purpose is to publish information on the Company’s business activity, including the supply of products and services.

Unless specified otherwise, the content of the site is not to be interpreted as an indication of the conditions of sale. Any prices, terms and conditions shown do not constitute a binding offer to the public and may be subject to changes without any obligation to give notice.

All rights relating to elements including but not limited to documentation, images, characters, graphics, software and all other content of the site, including codes and script formats, are protected by the regulations in force and are held exclusively, in law, by the Company. Consequently, their reproduction by third parties is forbidden, as is any other use not expressly authorised, prior to use and in writing, by the Company.

The user is authorised to use texts or other content of the site (such as images, logos, technical specifications, press releases and FAQs) for information purposes for personal use only and not for commercial use. For such purposes, the user shall be entitled to download text or other content from the site and is similarly entitled when working off line.

Subject to the Company's prior written consent, clients and official distributors (of the Company) may publish such texts and content from the site on other sites for use in a commercial context. A hyperlink to the website www.cembre.com may also be added.

The Company's prior written consent must be requested via an e-mail to trademark@cembre.com.

The use of text or other content on the site for any other purpose is strictly prohibited.

The Company will make every effort to ensure that information provided on the site is accurate, complete, current and reliable however the site, including without limitation, its function and content, is provided “as is” with no guarantee, either explicit or implicit, of accuracy, completeness, currency and reliability.

Furthermore, in no case will the Company accept responsibility for damage or loss resulting from reliance placed by the user on information contained in the site.

The Company is in no way responsible and therefore supplies no guarantee regarding data, information, references to companies and any other inaccuracies of a technical or other nature that may be contained in the site.

The Company declines all responsibility for direct or indirect damage or loss, of whatever nature it may be or in whatever form it may occur, resulting from the use of this site and its content.

The Company declines all responsibility for any damage or loss resulting from delay, inaccuracy of or failure to find information, restrictions to or cessation of access, difficulties or problems of any type, errors, unauthorised use during access to the site or in connection with other forms of interaction with the site.

The Company declines all responsibility in relation to any damage or loss resulting to computer equipment or Internet service used to access, explore or download material contained in the site.

All risks relating to interaction with the site are assumed by the user.

The Company reserves the right, at its own discretion and without giving notice, to:

  • modify these conditions of use
  • revise and eliminate content of the site
  • suspend availability of the site at any time

By accessing the site, the user agrees to subject all issues relating to its use to Italian law and to the Court of Brescia.

By accessing the site, the user implicitly accepts the terms and conditions contained herein.

This Internet site (site) and its content are the property of Cembre S.p.A. (the Company).

The contents of the Investor Relations section of the Cembre S.p.A. site are the property of the Company and may be recorded on any medium, reproduced and used without any prior authorisation, solely for personal use.

All data, opinions, documents and other material (meetings calendar, calendar of the Board of Directors, press releases, presentations, etc.) contained in the Investor Relations section of the site are provided with the sole aim of providing information about the business of the Company and, in some cases, to comply with the obligation to publish stipulated by the temporary regulations in force and are not intended in any way to constitute requests for public savings or to promote any form of investment or commerce; nor to promote or place financial instruments, investment services or banking, financial products or services.

Use of any data or information, provided by the Investor Relations section of the site, as the basis for personal investment activity is entirely at the risk of the user.

Before undertaking any such activity on the basis of the information obtained, directly or indirectly, from the Investor Relations section of the site, it is most appropriate to refer to a bank or other authorised financial intermediary, in order to check the suitability of the activity to personal requirements and economic/financial/tax situations. 

Information contained in the Investor Relations section of the site is provided by sources within the Company who have the power to modify, at any time and at its own discretion, the contents, function and operating methods of Investor Relations, without prior notice, within the limits required by the regulations in force.

The Company will ensure that information contained in the Investor Relations section of the site meets the requirements for reliability, correctness, accuracy and currency, to the greatest possible extent. The Company is relieved of all responsibility for any errors or inaccuracies in the content of this information resulting from causes that cannot be attributed to it.

Furthermore the Company is not responsible for damage or loss deriving from any interruption , suspension , delay or anomaly in the provision of the Investor Relations section of the site due to malfunction of the electrical power supply, the telephone network , the Internet service or any other cause not within its control. 

For further information or clarification regarding the Investor Relations section of the site, users should communicate with any of the persons named in “Contacts” therein.

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