Since 1969 we have been in the business of connections ... including those between people

The fast-growing CEMBRE Group is increasingly becoming a well-recognised and valued international player.
Founded more than 50 years ago as a company firmly rooted in its local area, today the CEMBRE Group has more than 700 employees worldwide.

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CEMBRE provides opportunities for students, recent graduates and postgraduates, along with opportunities for experienced professionals.

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The keys to CEMBRE's success are its people: they are the custodians and drivers of the company’s innovation and know-how.

For this reason, CEMBRE pays great attention to the well-being of individuals and families, offering training courses, opportunities for professional growth, and concrete, reliable benefits.

Working at CEMBRE
Working at CEMBRE

Innovation, speed, attention to detail, and quality are the cornerstones on which CEMBRE’s working style is based.

Innovation is the highest expression of the spirit of continuous improvement that has marked the company's history. It means the ability to invent new things as well as continuously improve existing products and production processes.

The goal is to design, produce and sell quality products!

CEMBRE never stands still.

CEMBRE is renowned for its ability to quickly and dynamically respond to market demands, deliver and solve problems.

The automated warehouse makes it possible to process orders promptly, making it a mainstay for many customers who need prompt delivery.

Obsessed with details. When you look at a product, you can make an initial assessment by taking in various details at a glance.
Then there is what cannot be seen, that which is “under the hood” and which is the result of the design choices made by CEMBRE technicians. That's what makes the difference! The detail.

CEMBRE quality has a long history of success and recognition.

CEMBRE is now one of the Italian firms that have adapted and certified its processes according to the strict regulatory standards of:

  • Quality (ISO 9001)
  • Environment (ISO 14000)
  • Safety (ISO 45001)
Job opportunities
Job opportunities

Your experience is a solid basis on which to build the future. It will be put to use to meet the challenges of the future, with a view towards personal growth.

Are you looking for your career path?
Recent graduates
Are you looking for your career path?
Find out what opportunities CEMBRE can offer you!

CEMBRE is always on the lookout for young talent eager to get involved and become the innovators of today and tomorrow.

Here you can start your career path, developing great ideas while taking your first steps into the world of work.

There are many departments in the company where young technicians are welcome: R&D, production engineering, sales, IT, and more!

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Internship is a great opportunity for young people and CEMBRE is happy to open its doors to the next generations.

For young people who are still studying, an experience at CEMBRE might be useful for finding out how to best use their skills and which path to take as they grow up.

CEMBRE offers the possibility of short experiences alternating between school and work in order to get to know everyday life in a manufacturing company.

Let us help you discover what it means to put what you are learning into practice.

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