Thermal transfer printer

The large on-board touch screen enables quick and easy management of print projects.

With MG4A, the extremely high and durable quality when printing texts, logos, electric symbols, QR codes and all types of vector image is still confirmed and assured, quality which is extremely revered in the market.

Furthermore, MG4A is also equipped with the ribbon save system: a function which increases autonomy and optimisation of waste, now being able to print 300,000 cable markers with only one printing ribbon.

The printer’s robustness and solidity allows it to work properly and constantly even when faced with intensive use, making it suitable for all kinds of application.

Its connectivity and remote printing features, flexibility in job management from a PC or from an app, and adaptability to different application types are what further characterise this new, one-of-a-kind machine.

Given that nowadays everything is connected, so is the MG4A.

The printer can be connected to the network via USB cable, LAN and Wi-Fi networks, and can connect devices through Wi-Fi Direct. Using this solution a print project can be made in the office and sent to your smartphone or other devices via common messaging methods.

The machine’s large touch screen further allows quick and easy management of print projects even if more than one user is currently connected to the system.

Print projects can be set up or created on the PC with the GeniusPro software or via the GeniusPro Mobile app.

GeniusPro Mobile is the application developed by CEMBRE for IOS and Android devices (smartphones and tablets) which also allows you to manage the latest changes directly on site, from the control panel or the machine itself, or receive preconfigured files generated by the GeniusPro desktop application.

MG4A can be used with a mains power supply or with CAS Alliance rechargeable batteries, technology that all CEMBRE 18V tools have in common: therefore the machine can be used in the office, in production and also on site, right in front of the switchboard to be wired.

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