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Practical and functional
A solution which can be easily adapted to every requirement, available everywhere quickly.

The EWO series is CEMBRE's innovative family of split cable entry systems, marking a global leap forward in quality for this product category.

Thanks to the work and study of its technical team, CEMBRE has been able to design a new generation of cable entry systems, characterised by an ergonomic split frame, equipped with an over moulded seal and compatible with grommets with a high degree of protection against the ingress of solid foreign bodies and against the penetration of water.

Slim and space-saving thanks to their compact design and the absence of an outer seal, EWO cable entry systems are the ideal choice for countless applications, especially those in the field of industrial automation. Available in square, rectangular and circular shapes to meet all installation requirements, CEMBRE cable entry systems can manage, easily and with precision, the passage of cables on switchboards, panels and on machines.

EWO cable entry systems are the ideal solution because they are easily and quickly available to anyone, anytime, anywhere, thanks to the efficiency and widespread coverage of the CEMBRE distribution network.


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The EWO cable entry system frame offers maximum operational freedom, greater protection, all with a smaller dimension.

The frame of the EWO cable entry system made of glass-fibre reinforced PA6.6, with its slim and compact design, is equipped with an innovative over moulded seal. This allows EWO to achieve a high level of IP66 protection without the need for an external seal. Thanks to this system, the CEMBRE cable entry systems prove to be a versatile and practical product, suitable for every operational requirement.

The Stop Plinth technology, which characterises the frame structure, protects the over moulded seal from any risk of compression, thereby ensuring effective IP66 protection at all times.

The demountable frame structure of the EWO cable entry system ensures great freedom and versatility in every wiring operation.

Through the opening side of the frame it is possible to conveniently insert the protective grommets, modulating and configuring them according to the various installation requirements.

Designed to be as functional and versatile as possible, the EWO cable entry system can be conveniently fixed using galvanised stainless steel screws, deep-drawn holes or rivets. The anti-fall system allows cable entry systems of the EWO series to be secured quickly and easily, even if the installed frame is pointing downwards. The accessory fitting of a snap-on bracket increases the installation options of the EWO cable entry systems, thereby satisfying every configuration requirement.

Complete protection and safety in a small space.
Protection and Security
EWO cable entry systems provide enhanced protection with a reduced size.

EWO is the right choice for easier and safer installation.

EWO cable entry systems are tested to certify a high level of safety and complete IP66 protection against dirt and water. The innovative Cembre-designed over moulded seal no longer requires the installation of a traditional external seal, thereby considerably reducing space requirements and installation time.

The EWO cable entry systems can, however, be equipped with an additional external seal, which is suitable for supporting the fixing of the frame even on particularly uneven and rough work surfaces, thereby guaranteeing maximum tightness and protection from the elements.

Thanks to the double side shaping of their design, the EWO grommets adhere perfectly to the frame, positioning themselves inside it without ever protruding, ensuring full IP66 protection against dirt and water and an effective cable seal in accordance with EN 62444.

A state-of-the-art solution for a modern generation of cable entry systems.
Improved operability and functionality through a simple structural innovation.

A single innovation, multiple solutions.

The EWO cable entry systems are equipped with the modern Plug&Fix system, which reduces wiring time and simplifies the entire installation process. The demountable side of the frame can be opened and closed easily by means of the convenient galvanised stainless steel screws, implemented with an anti-fall system. This allows the grommets to be positioned and cables to be inserted at any time with great ease.

Thanks to the Plug&Fix system, which allows for a quick opening of the frame, the EWO series cable entry systems can be quickly installed on predetermined cables for signal distribution, sensors and power supply. And let’s not forget that the Plug&Fix system reduces working time and operational risks, allowing the frame to be installed even after the conductors have been laid and the cables to be secured in the grommets at any time, even in the final wiring phase.

A practical solution to easily adapt to every need.
Multiple combination possibilities, one IP66 level of protection thanks to EWO grommets.

EWO cable entry systems meet all installation requirements with versatility thanks to the wide variety of grommets, designed to create as many combinations as possible and adapt to every configuration need.

EWO cable entry systems are designed to reduce installation time and costs.

EWO grommets have a double side moulding to fit neatly into the frame ensuring high protection against dirt and water.

Not only that. The revolutionary interchangeable faces of the EWO grommets have been specifically developed by the CEMBRE technical team to allow the grommets to be positioned without having to worry about the direction of installation, thereby offering a valuable and unique advantage in terms of time and convenience.

A complete solution
A complete solution and a comprehensive range of products to guarantee CEMBRE quality at all times.

CEMBRE guarantees a complete and reliable solution. Thanks to CEMBRE's dynamic distribution network, the innovation of the EWO series cable entry systems can be used everywhere, efficiently and quickly. In order to ensure comprehensive support and to meet all requirements, EWO cable entry systems are supplied complete with, among other things, galvanised stainless steel screws for fastening, a snap-on bracket, a sealing plate and an outer seal.

CEMBRE can accompany every stage of the installation of EWO series cable entry systems thanks to its wide range of products. CEMBRE ' s battery-operated hydraulic tool BFL750ND, with its specially designed set of dies, accurately drills holes in sheet metal, enabling the fast and efficient installation of EWO cable entry systems.




  • 9.A – Grommets (small)
  • 9.B - Grommets (big)
  • 9010 - Closing plate
  • 9110 - Split bushing
  • 9005.D - Blindplugs
  • 9006 - External seal
  • 9020 - Push-fit mounts

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