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CodeA-2M Angled

two hole fixing

A-2M series lugs are manufactured from electrolytic copper tube.
The dimensions of the tube are designed to obtain the most efficient electrical conductivity and mechanical strength to resist vibration and pull out.
Cembre lugs are annealed to guarantee optimum ductility, an absolute necessity for connectors which will have to withstand the severe deformation arising when compressed and any bending of the palm during installation.
In applications subject to vibration, terminals still have to perform a reliable connection, annealing plays a vital role in avoiding cracking or breaks between the barrel and palm.
The presence of an inspection hole facilitates full insertion of the conductor, whilst the barrel length has been designed to allow easy and accurate positioning of the dies during the crimping operation.
Lugs are electrolytically tinplated to avoid oxidation.   
A-2M series lugs form an important part of Cembre crimping systems for power carrying conductors, details of the appropriate crimping tools and dies are shown opposite and in detail on page 200-201, whilst our technicians are always available to provide any technical advice which may be required.
The enclosed table is only indicative of the range and many variations in stud fixing and palm lengths are also available.
UL listed for US and Canada per UL486A up to 35 KV.


Underwriters Laboratories - Canada & United States Underwriters Laboratories - Canada & United States

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A-2M Angled


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