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ROBOKATTA presents a new concept in Rail Disc Saws by combining a powerful and robust Saw with the worlds first Automatic Support Arm which, during the cutting phase, allows the operator to be in control but away from the machine and therefore subject to:

Vibration: Zero
Physical Effort: Zero
Harmful Dust: Zero
Sparks: Zero
Exhaust Fumes: Zero
Acoustic Noise: Minimum
Designed for precise cutting, Robokatta Automatic Rail Disc Saw has the perfectly perpendicular action essential for making the consistently accurate right-angle cuts in both axes that are fundamental to the reliability of isolated joints in automatic signalling systems.
For traditional Manual operation, the alternative two-joint Support Arm combines simplicity with precision and minimises the working weight of the Saw for the operator.
Design features:
In both manual and automatic modes, Robokatta offers tremendous advantages over other rail saws including:
“Expert operator” cutting times and accuracy obtained due to:
                             – Rigorously engineered support arms
                             – Patented self-adjusting belt tension system
  • Speed control to optimise disc performance, minimising consumption and consequently delivering the greatest number of cuts
  • Elastic system for vibration damping
  • One-piece disc support arm and hub coupled to the fixing arm provides maximum rigidity and cutting precision
  • Metallic disc protection casing with angular regulation device is not affected by vibration, so assures operator security and optimum visibility
  • Transportation handle designed to assist motor protection
  • Automatic switch off at end of cut
  • Automatic alarm for air filter cleaning
  • Switch off the machine or reset the air filter cleaning alarm via the Auxiliary Switching Device supplied.

Technical characteristics Other characteristics

Patented yes
Motor power 7.9 HP
Motor power 5.8 kW
Motor revolutions (to the minute) 9300 rpm
Height 17.64 in.
Width 11.02 in.
Length 33.78 in.
Weight 41.8 lbs.
Type of action Automatic cut
Support arm Y
Engine Husqvarna, 2 stroke, single-cylinder, air cooled
Engine Husqvarna, 2 stroke, single-cylinder, air cooled
Fuel petrol mixture
Clutch centrifugal with automatic intervention
Start by rope pull with automatic rewind

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