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Thermal transfer printer MG3 easy, handy and intuitive

The revolutionary system of the industrial marking

The Cembre MG3 Identification & Labelling system provides panel builders, plant engineers and equipment manufacturers’ with industry leading levels of optimisation, negating the need for older less efficient marking systems or bulky plotters, by instead, choosing the excellent print quality of the MG3 thermal transfer system.


MG3, which is 100% manufactured by Cembre, is capable of printing large quantities of cable, wire and terminal markers, push button and component labels, adhesive labels, panel plates including plates for special applications, such as for identifying PLC’s. These can all be printed and ready for use in seconds, thanks to thermal transfer technology enabling immediate printing and no component drying time. 


The MG3 printer is easy to use, requires little maintenance and, utilising easily changeable templates, is capable of printing thousands of labels and tags. Quiet, compact and robust, whilst also being portable, MARKINGENIUS MG3 is designed to be located wherever it is needed. This can be a different office or building, off-site or even on a construction site. The portability of the MG3 printer ensures identification, labelling or signage requirements can be achieved with ease anywhere. 


Additionally, Cembre offers an extensive range of terminal markers ensuring independent compatibility with all major component types and brands.


The Cembre Identification & Labelling system uses GENIUSPRO software which has been developed exclusively for use with the MARKINGENIUS MG3. It allows simple and intuitive insertion of print data, along with enhanced features, such as full size dynamic previews, built in graphics editor and the guided import of common file types such as; .csv and .txt. You can also import CAD file types; EPLAN, IGE-XAO, SPAC, ZUKEN E3 and others. Whatever the skill of the operator, GENIUSPRO software assures complete control over your Identification & Labelling requirements. 


MG3 thermal transfer technology utilises solid ink ribbons providing many advantages over more typical ink cartridges. They do not expire, dry out and with ribbon save technology, a single ribbon can provide up to 1,600 sheets of printed media. 


The Cembre MG3 Identification & Labelling system has been proudly designed and is manufactured at our group headquarters in Brescia, Italy. It affords users with manufactured assured compatibility of matched hardware, software and media, making it the complete Identification & Labelling system. 



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