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Power Utilities Tools

New crimping and cutting units




B68M-P18A-KV-RC2 - Radio remote control - A Cembre safe unit of the Protectus line


Portable cordless-hydraulic pump B68M-P18A-KV-RC2 is battery operated for independent use. Having the inherent strengths of the Cembre 

18V tool range, the B68M-P18A-KV-RC2 is a lightweight high capacity pump equipped with an innovative radio remote control designed specifically for man-hole environments to allow operators to control and operate the pump away from the man-hole at a safe distance.







B540nd - 18.0 V Cordless Hydraulic Crimping Tool

This is the first of a new generation of hand-held cordless tools, characterized by the “Bilinear” structure of the tool’s mechanics. Equipped with intelligent automatic return at the end of the pressing cycle (Smart Release). Equipped with Li-Ion 18 V-2Ah rechargeable high capacity batteries. Available with Makita or Metabo batteries. Jaws rotate by 180° for ease of operation in confined spaces.


New cuttings jaws for B540nd



  • CMB4N Cutting Jaws for underground
    Aluminium & Copper stranded cables. Max opening 1-1/4"



  • CMB5N Cutting Jaws for OHL
    ACSR up to 556 and tree wire


  • CMB6N Cutting jaws for guy wires
    Up to 7/16 EHS guy wire


New crimping jaws single groove for B540nd



  • CDD6-6N Crimping Jaws D3 groove to accept all "W" style crimping dies. Crimping dies compatibility:
  • FCI BRundy (W, X Series)
  • Green Iee (KD6 Series)
  • Ilsco (ND Series)
  • Huskie (HT-58 Series)
  • Panduit (CD-2001 Series)







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