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A tradition built on solid values

Cembre has always promoted essential values within the Group. They are the base of the decisions made over the course of the years and thus have contributed to the construction of our history and success since the very beginning more than 40 years ago. The Values that Cembre promotes actively are:


At Cembre, quality is a long history of success and recognition. Today the company is one of the few Italian businesses to have adjusted and certified its processes according to strict regulatory standards:

  • Quality (ISO 9001)
  • Environment (ISO 14000)
  • Safety (ISO 45001)

The history of quality

The importance of quality at Cembre is demonstrated by the history of its Quality Management System certification which is now over twenty years old. The main stages of this system are recorded below:

Production control

In order to guarantee our products high quality standards, the production process must be monitored with constant and careful precision. The control phases accompany all the stages of production and often use advanced technology for measurement and detection


Cembre considers innovation to be the most apt expression of the spirit of continual improvement that characterises its industrial history. This includes the ability to create new things and to also make constant progress with our products and processes.

Robokatta: The first automatic rail cutting system

Cembre introduces the world's first automatic rail disc saw to the market.

AR Bush system: a revolution in rail electrical connection

Rail electrical connection has represented a significant technical problem for a long time, as the reliability of the contact is a primary safety element.

A complete offer

Cembre offers a vast selection of products designed and created internally in order to meet the requirements of clients all over the world. The company continues to increase the number of products in their catalogue, looking for the integration with its client’s processes, in order to guarantee an increasingly comprehensive offer.

Matched connectors and tooling assure conformity

The huge focus directed at the client’s demands has led Cembre to offer more than 22,000 different items on the market today, ensuring a wide range able to satisfy the users’ requirements for lots of applications.

Printing systems promote efficiency and convenience

Cembre offers a complete range of products to meet the identification requirements in the electrical field; the wide range available in the catalogue is able to meet the requirements of both large users and small consumers.

Attention to detail

The first evaluations of a new product allow details such as shape, colour, overall measurement, volume and line harmony to be developed. Then, the specific original features that characterise them are implemented. These also include those which cannot be seen, are undercover and are a result of design choices made by our technicians. They have the purpose of reducing the size of the product, restricting its consumption and increasing efficiency: a chamfer, a spring, a chip. These are indeed all details.

Color-coded connectors for Copper conductors

To help choose the right connector for the cross-section of the conductor, a specific type of connector for copper conductor has been developed for the US market which contains the necessary information for correct compression.

Portable tools and hydraulic pumps

When Cembre began to study battery powered portable hydraulic tools in 2000, they had the undeniable advantage of the long-standing experience acquired over years of development and production of manual hydraulic heads and tools

Care of the environment

Cembre believes that industrial development can truly respect, and therefore be compatible with the environment. For Cembre, protecting the environment and the people and things around you is an important responsibility that requires constant and immediate consideration. It is a conscious decision which involves believing in the future.

The water cycle

Water is often an essential component of any industrial process. At Cembre, a complex and meticulous system of collection and filtration of the water used in the plants allows treated water to be released back to the environment with complete respect for the strict regional and national regulations.

"ECO" engines

The use of motors with a low emission value and conforming to the strictest global standards is now a Cembre tradition. These motors distinguish the drill lines called ECO and comply with “Phase 2” of the European directive.

Competitive enterprise

One of Cembre’s aims is knowing how to offer its users the best possible solution in consideration of the quality-price ratio. The fact that thousands of clients all over the world are faithful to Cembre products demonstrates the technical and economic validity of the solutions offered

Reliability of products

The excellent performance of Cembre branded products is guaranteed by the high quality raw materials used and by the synergy achieved from the use of products and tools.

Careful production

Cembre demonstrates the level of care it has for its clients by creating high quality products at competitive prices. Cembre aims to offer this type of solution and defines its whole production cycle on the basis of this.

Global capability

The company’s sales network is one of its strengths. It enables Cembre to be present on all the main global markets, consequently being as closely as possible to the end customer.

Direct sales network

The Cembre group has sales staff operating in the following countries: Italy, Great Britain, France, Spain, Germany, and the US. This direct access to each country allows the Cembre staff to remain inside the market with the advantage of being closer to the client.

Indirect sales network

Cembre branded products are sold in all the major countries via a network of importers, distributors and agents belonging to more than eighty different companies that guarantee their diffusion.

Unique product

Cembre products are created by professionals for professionals in a continual exchange of ideas and abilities. At Cembre, the design process combines experience and passion in order to create highly performing, reliable, safe and top quality products specially designed to be produced in an environmentally safe manner.

Design originality

Cembre first created and presented a series of electrical terminal blocks characterised by the clamping of the cable performed not via a screw acting directly on the wire, but the clamping of the wire between two parallel surfaces, one fixed and the other movable.

Anticipating customer requirements

An intense analysis and development work has led to the creation of a new range of electrical connectors suitable for connecting and termination of newly developed connectors in Aluminium-Magnesium, different from the Copper ones used up until now.

Ease of use

Cembre products are used and installed by professionals who have the necessary skills to perform the job correctly, working safely and obtaining the expected result.

Aside from the ability of the individual operators, the Cembre technicians design the products so that their use is easy, user-friendly and intrinsically safe.

Hand-held convenience and performance

One hand is enough to hold, position and operate the tool with minimum upper-arm effort thanks to the light weight of the tool and the barycentric position of the mass. The ease of use allows the exact repetition of operations regardless of the operator’s experience.

Compact and ruggedly reliable

LD-1P-ECO is one of the machines designed and manufactured by Cembre to make calibrated  holes in the web of the rail and railway equipment

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