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Power transmission

The Cembre hydraulic heads are used for the compression of connectors of medium and high voltage


The energy produced in the electric power plants is led to the end users via an infrastructure network of high voltage electrical transmission. Cembre produces hydraulic heads for the compression of connectors and joints used in this area. A compression force of up to 123 tons can be achieved by joining the head to a hydraulic pump; the series of semi-circular slotted dies for 14.6 tons tools can be mounted also on heads of hight power using an adaptor.



Products for Bare Wire Applications


Cembre offers a wide range of Copper, Aluminium and Bi-metallic connectors - to suit all types of overhead line conductors - including:



  • Jumper terminals
  • Jumper splices
  • Pre-assembled Jumper leads
  • Dead end terminations
  • C sleeve connectors
  • Full tension splices
  • Jumper & Pin terminals for live line tap connections


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