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Portable tools and hydraulic pumps

The dedication of Cembre technicians led to recognition of the product’s value by clients and international committees


When in 2000 Cembre began to study battery powered portable hydraulic tools for the compression of electrical connectors and for cutting wires, they had the undeniable advantage of the long-standing experience acquired over years of development and production of manual hydraulic heads and tools, but they set themselves an ambitious goal: raising the standard of the competition with their competitors and producing higher level products in terms of performance, aesthetics and ergonomics.


The efforts of the technicians involved produced important and tangible results both in terms of appreciation by clients and recognition by international committees: 


  • Intel Design 2001 Award for the electrical-hydraulic tool B131-C
  • Intel Design 2003 Award for the electrical-hydraulic pump B70M-P24
  • Innovation & Design Award for the electrical-hydraulic tool B15


Developed recently to complete the range of tools, B-TC065-SC is a wire cutting head suitable for cutting Copper, Aluminium wires or mild steel coated telephone wires with an external diameter of 65 mm max.

It is characterised by the scissor movement of the blades with auto-switching double speed action and a rubbery material cover on the back of the blades themselves in order to handle the tool more easily and safely.

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