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Compact and ruggedly reliable

LD-1P-ECO is one of the machines designed and manufactured by Cembre to make calibrated holes in the web of the rail and railway equipment


Over the years, the group of Cembre drills for the railway sector has been gradually extended with models operated by various types of engine; two-stroke and 4-stroke internal combustion engine, 110 V and 220 V electric motor, 24V battery motor or hydraulic motor for connection to PTO (Power Take Off), available on the vehicles of the maintenance teams. With LD-1P-ECO as well as using its experience developed in the development of the previous models, Cembre implements an unusual characteristic that confirms the focus on the requirements linked to the environment: with regard to atmospheric emissions, the new motor used conforms to the restrictions established in the European Union by the Directives 97/68/EC, 2001/63/EC and 2002/88/EC relating to engines of class SH2, and in the USA, by the EPA standard “Phase 2” relating to engines of class IV.

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