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Design originality

Cembre was the first company to apply a technology typically used on fixed elements to traditional terminal blocks: indirect clamping.


Before Cembre presented the new group of ‘Z’ terminal blocks to the civil construction and industrial system market, direct clamping connectors were generally used in which a screw or a spring act directly on the wire; Cembre’s innovative idea, confirmed with three different patents, was that of applying a technology typically used on fixed elements such as circuit breakers, relays and contactors to  loosen terminals: indirect clamping.

However, a detail which nobody had thought of; three other details were then added to this including shaped openings with a conical entry to facilitate the feeding of wires, the captive screws, tin coated copper equipotential connecting plates.

Created in this way, the connection is considerably more stable over time and much less subjected to thermal shock generated by any overloads.

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