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Production control

The control phases accompany all the stages of production and often use advanced technology for measurement and detection


For Cembre, quality has always meant the essential achievement of two goals:


Product conformity

Advanced measurement and detection technologies are used at all the stages of production. Our clients’ demand that Cembre ensures both the conformity of products and designs, regulations, specifications, etc and that products meet the changing requirements of users over time.

We achieve this through an integrated design process; the careful and meticulous management of production processes; effective control programmes; highly specialised, trained and motivated personnel; state-of-the-art machines, devices, work and control equipment; cooperation with selected suppliers with whom long-lasting and successful collaborations are formed, Cembre not only ensures the conformity of their products and designs, regulations, specifications, etc. but also that their products are able to meet the use requirements expressed by the users over the years.


Client satisfaction

Client satisfaction is the raison d’être of our work. Every day we strive towards satisfying and anticipating our clients’ demands; we search for the innovations that will give our clients the biggest competitive advantage in their respective sectors.

And the answers we find are the result of listening attentively to the market requirements via a far-reaching sales network which has the main goal of getting to know our clients and their demands. The ability to conceive and design the products that help our clients in their work. The desire and drive to continually improve the performance of our manufacturing processes to make better products, in less time, at a reduced cost, in safely and with energy and material optimisation.

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