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The history of quality

Cembre’s quality certification has a history of more than twenty years


The importance of quality at Cembre is demonstrated by the history of its Quality Management System certification which is now over twenty years old. The main stages of this system are recorded below:


  • December 1990
    First certification pursuant to BS5750: Part 2: 1987 – ISO 9002:1987 – EN 29002:1987 with
    the field of application "Production of pre-insulated and bare copper connectors and terminals."  One of the first companies in the world within the electromechanical sector to obtain certification according to one of the standards in the ISO 9000 group. The certification of the quality management system is carried out with an internationally renowned assessor such as Lloyd’s Register of Quality Assurance as a guarantee for the foreign clients who requested Quality Systems certification at the time
  • October 1991
    In response to customer demands, the UK subsidiary company Cembre Ltd obtains certification of its Quality System according to BS5750:Part 2:1987 – ISO 9002:1987 – EN 29002:1987, field of application "Storing electrical connectors and related tools. Repairing and revising tools"
  • December 1992
    Certification update according to EN 29001:1987 with the field of application "Designing and manufacturing accessories for cables, electrical connectors and related tools." The Quality Management System encompasses all company processes, including design and manufacture, in order to facilitate uniform management of all activities and objectives 
  • May 1995
    Certification update to the 1994 edition of EN ISO 9001
  • May 1999
    Multi-site certification of the Cembre group, a single Quality Management System for the offices in Brescia, the regional offices in Turin, Milan, Padua, Bologna & Rome and for the subsidiary companies in England, France, Spain, Germany, USA, Norway. Field of application: Design
    and manufacture, production, marketing of accessories for cables, electrical connectors and their equipment. Repair, refurbishment and calibration of equipment. A uniform way of managing the processes, different ways to achieve satisfaction so as to adapt to specific market requirements but with common rules that make the Cembre "style" recognisable
  • June 2000
    Certification, inside the multi-site certification of the Cembre group, of the OELMA company in San Giuliano Milanese
  • December 2003
    Certification update to the 2000 edition of EN ISO 9001
  • December 2008
    Modification of the field of application: Design and manufactue, production, marketing of electrical connectors and tools for their installation, accessories for cables, systems for industrial labelling, equipment and products for railway applications. Repair, refurbishment and calibration of equipment and tools.
  • July 2010
    Certification update to the 2008 edition of EN ISO 9001



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