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Robokatta: The first automatic rail cutting system

Cembre introduced the first rail disc saw in the world to the market, able to automatically cut rails.


Cutting discs has been used to cut rails for many years. This is because they are fast and obtain a well-finished surface with good orthogonality characteristics with respect to the rail. However, during this operation, around ½ Kg of material including steel and abrasives are pulverized and spread throughout the atmosphere. Moreover, the necessary machines are powerful and the operator who handles them has to cope with the weight, vibrations, noise, harmful emissions and serious risks of disc breakage.

By making the entire cutting operation automatic, Cembre has succeeded in moving the operator away from the risk area, leaving him with the tasks of preparing and controlling.

Our automatic rail saw Robokatta has disc cutting and use timing of expert operators, turns off automatically at the end of use and is equipped with a radio control in order to turn off from a distance or inform the operator when the filters need to be cleaned or maintenance work is required.

Again, Cembre raises the safety standards.

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