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How a reliable and fast partner can make the difference in producing systems to protect linemen during underground cable shearing operations
Too risky a cut

CEMBRE routinely works with large governmental and non-governmental operators in the production and distribution of electricity.

For these organisations, the safety of their operators is paramount. Cable cutting procedures in underground ducts, for example, are always operations that must be handled with great care and attention to avoid accidents and explosions inside the duct.

CEMBRE is able to offer ad hoc solutions by developing tools and solutions that guarantee safety, such as remote cutting.

The advantages of remote cutting

In response to a request from a major American utility company, CEMBRE engineered the B68M-P18-KV-RC2 system, fully insulated and composed of a cordless hydraulic pump, cutting head, and oil reservoir, suitable for cutting cables inside ducts.

CEMBRE's competitive advantages for its customer were its timeliness in developing an ad hoc solution and its ability to design a custom solution in terms of know-how and people.

This system allows operators to carry out shearing operations remotely: the head is simply applied to the cables to be sheared and the device is activated 10 meters away from the duct access manhole. Audible and visual signals also indicate whether the pump is in action and confirm that the cut has been made. 

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