B-FL750ND is the tool developed by CEMBRE for sheet metal punching and it is portable, powerful and versatile.

HERE’S WHY! It is powerful and versatile because it was designed to punch stainless steel, which is much harder than mild steel. At the same time, it can work on mild steel, fiberglass and plastic materials up to a thickness of 3.5 mm. The same tool can therefore work on different materials, without compromising the quality and precision of the punching.


The B-FL750ND tool uses Li-Ion batteries of 18.0 V - 2.0 Ah, which offer a higher capacity and durability. The battery LED indicators show the remaining battery level at any time. The renewed hydraulic system with double speed action ensures a greater punch speed and punching force. The noise and vibration level is minimized to the benefit of the operator’s comfort. The operator is also facilitated during the punching operations in poorly lit environments, thanks to the integrated LED lighting system.


The B-FL750ND can create holes of various shapes and sizes. The choice between round, square, rectangular and half-moon holes depends on the operator’s needs. The dimensions for circular punching can reach a maximum diameter of 140 mm. The tool is equipped with a balanced punching head that can rotate 180 degrees on a full 360-degree rotation: this facilitates the use of B-FL750ND especially in confined spaces. Greater grip and stability are also guaranteed by the rubber inserts on the punching head.


B-FL750ND has been designed to fit various types of punches and dies and for this reason it is compatible with different punching kits, even from third parties.

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