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Lighting technology

The Cembre offer is able to provide solutions for lighting technology both for the public and private sector.


Cembre offers lighting technology system installers specific products, attention to detail and competitive solutions. Intended for use in public lighting, a specific connector has been developed to be installed on the underground cables that are directed towards the pilings and light points. In the field of private lighting technology, however, there are a vast range of cable glands, suitable for attaching to cables inside ceiling lights, beacons and control boxes. The junction boxes and by-passes in cast resin guarantee the connection of cables and the distribution of energy to open spaces such as gardens. The two halves that make up the cover join via a spring lock. This avoid further securing or waterproofing. The covers are left on the junction box after the casting, thus acting as another protection element against mechanical, chemical actions or caused by exposure to the elements.


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