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Ideal for Railways, Construction sites, 
Oil and Mining Industries, Shipyards.

 General features:




1 - Handlebar

Careful ergonomic design of the machine spreads the weight equally between left and right handles. The structure formed by the combination of the shaped handle bar and the protective shield minimise the risk of accidental mechanical shock to the electrical box and electric motor.


2 - Trolley 

Optional interface kits enable the machine to be used in vertical and horizontal modes with the rail mounted CS-SD support trolley. Fitted with a braking device in accordance with EN19277, the trolley eliminates much of the effect of the weight of the machine and allows rapid movement between work areas.


3 - Impact mechanism

The innovative patented impact unit develops a high torque and has a larger impact surface than any other nut runner, so to extend the life of this essential component. Specialist, high spec grease minimises wear in this area and the special seal on the drive prevents the leakage of grease commonly seen on other impact wrenches.


4 - Vibration

The handlebar is mounted on 4 vibration absorbing dampers so to reduce handarm vibration felt by operators.


5 - Gearbox

Brightened steel gears are immersed in a synthetic oil bath to prolong life and extend the range of permitted working temperatures. The gear change lever is adjacent to the accelerator control in order to avoid damage caused by changing gear while the engine is running. Smooth acceleration is provided by the potentiometer

connected to the control handle.


6 - Control box

Control box to house and protect electronic board and electrical wiring.


7 - Control handle

Control buttons are specifi cally located to reduce the effects of working in awkward positions, eg wrist and shoulder discomfort, thereby optimising performance in both vertical and horizontal modes, while a Dead man device prevents accidental acceleration, for operator safety. The control handle assembly is clamped to the handlebar via a steel rod for enhanced robustness.


8 - PRCD device

Device to protects the operator against accidental starting.



9 - Electric motor

Electric motor 220÷240 V 50÷60Hz, 14A – 3KW. Fitted by an electrical filter to eliminate eventual distortions, interchangeable brushes.




Protective shield

To protect motor

from accidental


Torque selector

With 5 positions



Reverse action enables

easy withdrawal of auger




BT 2006/42/CE BT 2006/42/CE

Technical characteristics Other characteristics

Height 274 mm
Width 431 mm
Length 640 mm
Weight 21 kg
Force developed 2500 Nm
Engine single phase electric motor
Motor voltage 230 V
Motor frequency 50 Hz
Motor power 3 kW

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