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for profiled contact wires

Hydraulic RH-TFC head with interchangeable dies to perform a perfectly perpendicular cut without deformation of the wire shape.


Contact wire cut with a traditional cutter

Contact wire cut with the RH-TFC hydraulic head





















Hydraulic cutting head for cutting profiled contact wires and copper and aluminium ropes. Interchangeables dies cut perpendicularly and without deformation to optimise joint installation.
The use of this head simplifies the cutting operation and reduces the time needed to prepare the joint.


For use with any of the following 700 bar hydraulic pumps:
HTP manually operated
PO-7000 foot operated
B70M-P24 portable electro-hydraulic 24V DC motor driven, powered by internal battery or external supply.


Hydraulic presshead complete with quick automatic coupler for connection to a hydraulic pump with a max working pressure of 700 bar. Suitable for cutting profiled contact wires on electrified traction systems.


Simple 3 stage operation


Insert the die set into the head

Position the conductor inside the die set so that the blade lines up with the desired cutting point; close the die set by moving the locking handle towards the tool body, until automatically “locked” in position and securely clamping the wire/conductor.
Operate the pump to advance the blade to the conductor; the blade progressively advances until the conductor is completely cut in a clean and precise manner without deforming the conductor itself.



Supplied in a sturdy plastic case VAL P15 suitable for storage of the head and 4 sets of dies.

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Length 196 mm
Weight 3.1 kg
Nominal pressure 700 bar
Opened lever width 257 mm
Closed lever width 159 mm

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