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Rail web Permanent Electrical Contact

for hole diameter 19-20 mm

This unique system was designed and developed by Cembre in 1988 following a review of existing electrical connection systems.

The aim of the Cembre system is to provide a low resistance interface between the rail web and the terminal lug.

Following in-depth testing in the laboratory and extensive fi eld trials, the system has been recognised and approved for total reliability.

  • low electrical resistance (microhm)
  • simple to install, not dependent on operator skill level
  • quick and easy to install (less than one minute)
  • easy to connect/disconnect cables, for fault fifi nding




  • Traction return bonding
  • Continuity bonding
  • Signal track circuit connection
  • Ground bonding

Technical characteristics Other characteristics

Ø Stud mm 19 mm
Minimum thickness of the rail 14 mm
Maximum thickness of the rail 16.5 mm
Rail type 49E1 (S49)
Rail type 54E3 (S54)
Rail type 60E1 (UIC60)
Patented yes

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Rail web Permanent Electrical Contact AR260D

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