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Hydraulic crimping tool

Crimping force 60 kN

The HT 61 is a two speed hydraulic hand compression tool developing a crimping force of 60 kN, suitable for installing crimp type electrical connectors on copper cables up to 240 mm2.


The built in safety valve will by-pass the oil supply when the maximum pressure of 600 bar is reached and a pressure releasing system can be easily operated at any stage of the compression.


For ease of operation and comfort of the operator the tool head can be fully rotated through 180° degrees. Three different dies are available depending upon the desired style of crimping; it is also possible to use dies from other manufacturers type Gr.1.


MAIN APPLICATIONS - max section mm2
DIN 48083
Cu Al Al/St
240 185 120/20


The tool is supplied in a sturdy plastic case type VALP7 complete with die spaces for holding up to 3 plastic boxes with dies.

For the full range of dies available please refer to Cembre.

Technical characteristics Other characteristics

Force developed 60 kN
Length 489 mm
Width 141 mm
Weight 4 kg
Type of action Crimp
Nominal pressure 600 bar

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