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Hand operated hydraulic tool specifically designed to cut copper, aluminum, aluminumsteel cables (ACSR) having a max overall diameter of 50 mm. The HT-TC051Y is provided with a two stage hydraulic system, which advances the blades quickly to the cable. This proven system saves operator time and effort. The HT-TC051Y is provided with an automatic safety valve to bypass oil when reaching max pressure. This means safety to the operator and protection to the blades. The blades are manufactured from high strength special steel, heat treated to ensure a long service life. The shape of the blades provides a “clean” cut. The head can be opened to allow
cutting of running cables and ropes. The head rotates 90 degrees allowing the operator to perform the cut in the most comfortable position. The tool is supplied complete with canvas bag 010 for protection and storage when not in use.
Not suitable for cutting stay wire, steel rope or earthing rod.

Technical characteristics Other characteristics

Width 129 mm
Length 503 mm
Weight 4.7 kg
Maximum cutting diameter 50 mm
Type of action Cutting

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