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indirect clamping

100, 125 and 160A, 2–4 pole distribution blocks with 7, 14 and 12 ways per pole respectively. Accepting a wide cable CSA range (1 - 50 sqmm) and of compact size, ZETAblocks are ideal for control cabinets and distribution panels. The lateral arrangement of terminals on upper and lower faces (Z35-DP14B one face only), simplifies connection and promotes tidy, homogeneous cable routing to assist subsequent wiring operations. Easy entry apertures provide quick, effective cable insertion while the indirect clamping feature eliminates damage to cable strands and assures a low, stable contact resistance.


EN 60947-7-1:2009 EN 60947-7-1:2009

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Height 48 mm
Width 150 mm
Length 84 mm
Pack qty 1
Operating current (Icw) 6 kA
Operating current (In) 160 A
Weight 780 g
Impulse voltage of the insulation 800 V
Voltage pulse 8 kV
Maximum allowed peak fault current (Ipk) 18 kA
Material (Body) Polycarbonate
Material (Clamps) Electroplated galvanized steel
Material (Connection plate) ETP Copper elettrolyticaly tinned
Material (Screws) Electroplated galvanized steel

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