Approval of the merger of subsidiary General Marking S.r.l. with the Parent Company Cembre S.p.A.


Brescia, October 02, 2012 –The Board of Directors of Cembre S.p.A. and the Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting of the merging subsidiary approved today, pursuant to article 2505 of the Italian Civil Code and to article 3 of the By-laws, the merger of wholly-owned subsidiary General Marking S.r.l. into the parent Cembre S.p.A. The merger's project had been already approved by Companies' Boards at August 29, 2012. For more information regarding the merger, please refer to press release issued by the Company on August 29, 2012. The resolution of the Board of Directors of Cembre S.p.A. approving the merger will be available to the public to the Company's Main office and on the Company's institutional site www.cembre.com in the Investor Relations section, in the terms required by article 70, comma7. of Consob Regulation no.11971/1999.




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