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At the touch of a button, new Cembre 18V Crimping Tools display real time data on the integrated OLED screen including:

  • pressure & force validation during the current operating cycle,
  • no. of cycles performed & remaining to recommended maintenance
  • battery status.

For added convenience, by connecting a tool via USB to a SMARTOOL enabled PC, the user can view and
download data stored on the control card and:

  • Monitor tool status
  • Analyse operating performance
  • Output validation reports
  • Update firmware

Pdf downloads summarise pressure & force validation data for the last 10 crimping cycles, while the .csv format downloads all data for up to 200,000 operating cycles.

Records of malfunctions or errors during operation are easily identified for reference and investigation.
Downloads also provide tool and firmware identification details and record the no. of cycles performed & remaining
to recommended maintenance and the no. of working hours.

Visit the Cembre web site and log-in to the Software & Firmware reserved area to download software and tool
firmware updates.

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