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Quality as an objective, in harmony with the environment

Cembre Group Policy


Cembre S.p.A. is constantly committed to pursuing customer satisfaction by combining high quality to protection of the environment and of the health and safety of workers.

Cembre S.p.A. operates to ensure the full satisfaction of its customers and of the users of its products, by meeting their needs and expectations, complying in rigorous fashion both with their real and practical needs and with national and national standards, laws and regulations, in full and constant awareness of the imperative need to limit negative impacts on the environment and to guarantee user safety.

Cembre S.p.A. therefore directs all its activities at achieving the following primary objectives:


  • constant enhancement of the Company Management System
  • increase in efficiency and efficacy of process management
  • protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution
  • careful protection of the health and safety of workers.

Cembre S.p.A. pursues these objectives through strict compliance with all provisions of national and EU laws on environmental protection, accident prevention and occupational health, never neglecting the research of technological and organisational innovations as factors bringing further benefit to the Company as well as its customers and users.


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Quality Assessment


Since 1990 Cembre SpA has been assessed for the Certification of its Quality Management System.


The Cembre Group is nowadays certified by  Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance  according to ISO 9001:2015 Norm for  the "Design, manufacture and sales of electrical connectors and associated tools, cable accessories, marking systems, toolings and products for railway applications. Tools for pressed joints for water, gas, steam, waste and HVAC and related accessories. In house repair, refurbishment and calibration of toolings.".


The Quality Management System Certification relates to the main premises in Brescia, the Italian regional offices in Milan, Florence, Padua, Bologne and the subsidiary companies in Great Britain, France, Spain, Germany and United States.


The application of Group Certification guarantees a continuously high quality level of products and service that Cembre provides to all its customers.

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Cembre S.p.A. has recently recognised the need to align its Environmental Management System with the spirit and content of UNI EN ISO 14001 as fundamental to future development.


To this end the company undertook a wide-ranging review of all functions including development and design stages, material selection, usage and manufacturing processes.


The resulting definition of operational procedures in line with these aims and provisions has enabled Cembre S.p.A. to achieve Environmental Certification, further highlighting the companies sensitive and careful approach to environmental protection.

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Health & Safety

Cembre S.p.A. has recently enhanced its business processes with the certification by Lloyd's Register of Quality Assurance, of its Management System for the Health and Safety of Workers, in accordance with the standard OHSAS18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System).


The project, launched in early 2011, was strategically designed to facilitate the active participation of all employees at every level in the application of systems management, in order to optimise compliance of risk management capability with regard to laws and regulations concerning the health and safety of workers.


All employees have received exhaustive training and are involved, by exercising their individual responsibility and competence, as key players in the identification of residual risk situations and  the proposal of corrective solutions.


For Cembre then, this certification is not only the proper recognition of the quality of work performed, but also an incentive to maintain a determined competitive advantage in increasingly difficult and aggressive international markets.


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