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flame-retardant Polyolefin shrinkage ratio 2÷1

Heat-shrinkable Polyolefin tubing strip for general use is environmentally neutral, flexible, inflammable and offers fast heat shrinkage and stable performance. Main uses include insulation and protection of electrical conductors, connectors and terminations; protection of metal tubes from corrosion; protection of antennae and various identification applications.

Technical specifications: Test Method Performance
Traction resistance (MPa): ASRM D2671 ≥10.4
Elongation at failure (%): ASRM D2671 ≥200
Traction resistance after heat aging (MPa): UL 224 158°C×168hr ≥7.3
Elongation at failure after heat aging (%): UL 224 158°C×168hr ≥100
Heat resistance: UL 224 250°C×4hr No failure
Low temperature flexibility UL 224 -30°C×4hr No failure
Dielectric strength (kv/mm): IEC 243 ≥15
Insulation resistance: 600V UL 224 No perforation at 2500V
Volume resistance (Ω.cm) IEC 93 ≥1x1014
Corrosive action: UL 224 158°C×168hr Not corrosive
Copper compatibility: UL 224 158°C×168hr Not corrosive
Flammability: UL 224 VW-1



2011/65/EU 2011/65/EU E472117 E472117

Technical characteristics Other characteristics

Material (Body) Cross-linked polyolefin
Halogen Free yes
Min operating temperature range -55 °C
Max operating temperature range 125 °C
Min shrinkaage ratio temperature 70 °C

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